Fukuoka #6.1

We went to have a look at the porcelain museum up at Arita, In Saga Perfecture, and at the same time visit ドイツドレスデンにあるツヴィンガー宮殿 ( Zwinger Palace). This place reminds me of the comic that I read, which also subsequently came up with the manga series called Black Butler (黒執事 Kuroshitsuji) The setting reminded me of how Ciel Phantomhive’s house looked like .. like a real life version of it .. hahaha.. for that moment



Very scenic and amazing how they managed to preserve this place for such a long time!
We walked around the Ceramics section and food section, bought some snacks to bring back to Singapore .. then, of course it was time for lunch! We drove frantically around, to try to find a place that was still open for lunch, before chancing upon this place called Ifudoudou(威風堂々). I am not trying to be funny here but the place is really called that!


beansprout ramen

black seared ramen


fried rice

char siew rice

Over all, this ramen is really not bad! In comparison to the previous one at Oita , This one beats it hands down .. Comparatively to ichi ran, its different in style? Upon conversing with the shop owner, it turns out that this guy represented the whole of kyushu to come to Isetan in Singapore to promote his Ramen! He said he loved Singapore and was very helpful in navigating us to our next destination.

One thing about the countryside people here in Japan that I realised, they are really friendly and helpful in giving directions, to really going all the way to assist you, even if it means they have to act out what they really mean.

佐賀県 844-0027
(I couldnt find an English Address)