Kobe: #4.4


So my dad decided to round off the whole Kobe restaurant, we should find a steak house and have the whole Kobe Beef Steak before leaving for back to Osaka!

Quaint Standing Bar

So as we walked towards the station,

at the crossroads

ok being dramatic .. but we walked into this steak house that we saw immediately opposite the JR Station. Sorry I can’t seem to find the address of this place off the internet, but I do have good pictures of it to compensate! 🙂 Because we booked for dinner later back at the crab place, we ordered 2 steaks to share between all of us.

Restaurant Ruke Menu

Clam Chowder

Salad with Special homemade dressing

Dipping Sauces :Shoyu, wasabi and Mustard - Awesome

Kobe Beef steak!!! cooked in its original form without any condiments

So i guess this was a good meal to round up the Kobe Experience!!!
Back to Osaka we go….


I love KOBE
I wish I can scream that out loud .. So we went around exploring and I found some interesting sights:

out of no where Mediterranean influence building preserved in its original form

Guy basking on the street trying to air guitar

We explored Kobe and I did quite abit of shopping here as well :p .. but other than that, I wished Kobe was not just a day trip. I would long to return here … 🙂

WE found this Cake shop that seemed to catch the interest of my brother and bought back to try!

Tooth Tooth

Take Away Box

Chesnut cake. Chocolate Tart. Berry Tart.

But in the end.,. I think what was best was :

Overall Champ

Tooth Tooth
4-11 1-chome,
Chuo-ku, Kobe,
Hyogo Prefecture town



Kobe: #4.2

We went around exploring, and found this!

Flower Clock!!! @ kobe in the rabbit year

I thought this is pretty cool! ok .. then lunch time!

. I mean, here we are at a historically ex-port, where the melting point of western influences and Japanese local cultures meet, how not to try a “fusion-ed” cuisine? We love the one that is close to french Japanese fusion called Ma Maison in Singapore,My Sister and I super love french fusion-ed Japanese CuisineI thought I should try to introduce it to my family since we both love it so much, hoping that they might love it! but.. I don’t think they did in the end.. but only both of us thoroughly did!

Entrance of Jujiya

Entrance of this Quaint French infused shop

Clam Chowder soup - super creamy yummy

Soft Rolls - awesome

beef stew

Pork Chop and Ebi tempura

Katsu Hiyashi rice

we decided to be greedy and ordered Omu rice (Omelette) to share. Sorry the spoons went in too fast! I could only take a half eaten picture of it

Omu rice

and of course for me ..in its original form:


Is there another way to spell awesomeness? I felt so excited and happy to be finally eating this dish in its original form! and with Kobe Beef!!! I found this restaurant off this magazine, and they pride themselves in taking 3 days to make French demi-glace brown sauce! So awesome!!!! I wish there was another  phrase to use to describe this but its really pure AWESOME 🙂 I love KOBE

Grill Jujiya
Kobe Chuo-ku Edo-machi
96 Strong Building, 1st Floor
From Sannomiya Station (all lines), walk south on Flower Road, then west at the Flower Clock, then two blocks south

Kobe :#4.1

This part of the trip is my most favourite destination, apart from Osaka. I love this place to bits !!! its totally awesome this place!! I just love how it is such a melting pot of  different cultures, as reflected not only in the cuisine – in the style and influences-, but also the architectures.

But first, just to get some breakfast, so we headed to Daimaru food basement.. and I saw some interesting sights!

Santa Clause???

Usagi(Rabbit) Snacks - too cute to be eaten!

MY brother sniffed this out

@Kobe - Biscuit Cream with Strawberry!!! Awesome!!

40 Akaishi-cho, Kobe-shi, Hyogo650-0037