Fukuoka #3.2

Following the satisfying breakfast, We broke off from my friend’s family to explore around Beippu City .
Being part of a foodie family, we would explore a culture through their cuisine and went in search for a good sushi place.
We chanced upon

Ikesu Kappou Heike


As we enter in the shop

As we enter into the shop, I think we all felt a sense of relief! We have found the right place!!! ahhahaa!! Looks like a promising Sushi place to be 🙂
While talking to the waitress, we found out that shes half Singaporean and half Japanese! How cool is that! and she was very kind in trying to reccomend things for us!

Appetizer - Squid in Special Soy Sauce

Mackerel Sashimi

This Sashimi is one of the most freshest sashimi that I have ever eaten in my life!! because when the fish came, it was still like spasming!! the tail was wriggling! AND the best part of it was that, even after we finished eating the whole thing, IT still MOVED! I am not exaggerating here! but this has got to be one of the most fresh fish i ever eaten in my LIFE

Ika Sashimi noodles

This is one of the best form of squid I have eaten. The thought of it at first was pretty “huh? are you sure?” but  when dipped into the pigeon egg, it made the sashimi sweeter 🙂 significantly!! the work of the sashimi master is just fantastic! each noodle is very evenly cut ! Super impressed!

Unagi Tempura Don! Look how HUGE the eel is over the rice

Now, this is what you call a tempura Eel don! – man the Eel is so much more than the rice!

Tempura platter

3 types of dipping condiments to go with tempura. Extreme right is Curry salt!

An interesting way to match tempura! really interesting!!!  🙂

Tako Tempura

We decided to go with this – just to satisfy our own curiosity on how it would go, as reccomended by the waitress. It surprisingly didn’t turn out too rubbery, as well as had quite an interesting texture to it.
Overall we enjoyed this place dearly and will return, if we come back to Fukuoka 🙂

Ikesu Kappou Heike
Post Code  874-0919
7-2-14, Ishigakihigashi,
Beppushi, Oita Prefecture