Yee Shun Dairy Company 港澳義順牛奶公司

So after such a full dinner, Boss brought me to try out this double steamed milk . This dessert has always been a “hmm maybe one day I will try it if I don’t get distracted by all the other dessert choices I have”.
I have always seen in the dramas how they savour each bite of this delightful dessert and now to get the opportunity to try it ..


My cold Double steamed milk

He told me that he would always bring friends that come to visit Hong Kong here. I must admit the first bite, it tastes like a milky chawamushi .. and its sweet and delightful. Not too gelard – like you don’t feel sick from eating it .. and I am glad to have gotten to try it.

 Yee Shun Dairy Company  港澳義順牛奶公司
506 Lockhard Road, 
Causeway Bay


I saw an advertisement for sweets and desserts (yup another media sucker)
So curious me rolled there ..
and also to chat with friend

Tea Set

we shared this :


the looks were so deceiving.. the whole waffle was soggy! I was utterly disappointed ..
Guess another lesson learnt – not to be such a media sucker!!

But the ambience is nice .. might come back to try the cakes instead


G/F, 9 Staunton Street, SOHO,


Pie and Tart Specialist

The last time I came to Hong kong, My brother found this place that sold a special Milk tart and other variations of tarts. I love the hong kong style of thick buttery pastry and this tart when eaten hot, its like mini melting moments of heaven.

Not an exaggeration, but the moment I stepped into Hong Kong, and in the process of settling down, I went to hunt for this milk tart .. And being unfamilar with the roads, I dragged my friend along and boy was he probably cursing at me throughout the way as we got lost turning all over the place.. BUT we finally found it!

Then one day when i was out eating lunch with boss and colleagues, he kindly met me to pass me a tart .. and.. it set the boss so gian to try it .. the following day, he and another colleague took a ferry to tsim tsha tsui and hunted it down, bought a dozen for the office 🙂

Milk Tart

Its like molten in the middle and best eaten hot!! 🙂

Super happy 🙂

Pie&Tart Specialist
57-59 Granville Road
Tsim Tsha Tsui

許留山 (Xu Liu Shan)

Following the disappointing lunch, I needed to redeem myself. One place that you have to go in my opinion that stamps “Yes! I HAVE BEEN TO HK!!) is the famous dessert place Hui Lau Shan Healthy Dessert   許留山

It was opened in Singapore for a while but didn’t take off at that point in time .. so it closed down . This dessert place is scattered all over Hong Kong and serves to me one of the most iconic mango desserts.  Their qualities are consistent over almost every outlet and every season, they come up with different new seasonal drinks and desserts.

Of course, my favourite + my siblings’ favourite is :


I might have mis-spelt the actual name of it .. but this is my most favourite off the menu apart from all the others that is on.  🙂

Total hit for me 🙂 I will come back and eat it 🙂

許留山 (branch)
Yee Wo St,, Causeway Bay