BBQ (Third Street)

I was supposed to meet my ‘hk dad’ for dinner.
I stupidly took a tram BUT forgot to bring my wallet ..
the tram driver was kind enough to let me off..
I took to the last stop and called my brother to rescue me (fortunately hes around to help me)
and thankfully so he joined us for dinner as well (although he was grumbling he had alot of work to clear and blamed me thoroughly)


Baked Prawn

Bamboo Clams


Stir fried Squid with beansprouts

Fish Cake with mini surprise inside


Its two shops located opposite each other .. kinda yakitori style stuff as well but very yummy!
Something different from the normal

I didn’t manage to capture the bulk of what we also ordered – it got eaten up too fast too furious
But i will return here for the mini surprise fish cake thingy! and the Foie Gras!

129-133 Third St.,
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong,