Tai Cheong Egg Tarts

The common practice here it seems, is when a person leaves the company for good, they will treat everyone to an egg tarts or cakes. This gesture is just to show their appreciation towards their co-workers, as the term ‘shan shui bing’ is being used to express such a feeling.

That aside, I am an Egg Tart lover. I love the hong kong style of thick pastry egg tarts more than anything else, and i am glad to have found my love of my life at : Tai Cheong Bakery ( pleasantly surprised by my troopie)




Dont you think egg tarts look like sunflowers? So happy and welcoming? The best comfort food one could ever lay their hands on 🙂

Tai Cheong Bakery
32 Lyndhurst Terrace,

Local bites

Everyday as I walk home from work,
I would always walk by this old lady that sold a local delight (I think illegally) .. I always saw people eating it on tv in tvb drama serials.. and it seems to have alot of significance in shaping the Hong Kong palates.. So i decided to buy one to try

Wan Zai Kueh with Red Beans

It didnt go down well with me.. I found it to be very starchy and ‘nua-ish’ .. Maybe its more something like a childhood comfort food that the Hong Kongers grew up with .. Sorry I could not appreciate it …  but dont regret trying it


Milk Top

Milk Puddinnn!!

As I decided to go around exploring in Sogo, chanced upon this and decided to give it a try! ..
I am not a big fan of puddings, but, this one is plain AWESOME!
its so nice chilled and very jelly-ish milky texture!
i tried all strawberry, chocolate and original .. I still think original is the best 🙂

Milk Top
Shop B2-12A, Basement, Sogo,
555 Hennessy Road
Causeway Bay


Pie and Tart Specialist

The last time I came to Hong kong, My brother found this place that sold a special Milk tart and other variations of tarts. I love the hong kong style of thick buttery pastry and this tart when eaten hot, its like mini melting moments of heaven.

Not an exaggeration, but the moment I stepped into Hong Kong, and in the process of settling down, I went to hunt for this milk tart .. And being unfamilar with the roads, I dragged my friend along and boy was he probably cursing at me throughout the way as we got lost turning all over the place.. BUT we finally found it!

Then one day when i was out eating lunch with boss and colleagues, he kindly met me to pass me a tart .. and.. it set the boss so gian to try it .. the following day, he and another colleague took a ferry to tsim tsha tsui and hunted it down, bought a dozen for the office 🙂

Milk Tart

Its like molten in the middle and best eaten hot!! 🙂

Super happy 🙂

Pie&Tart Specialist
57-59 Granville Road
Tsim Tsha Tsui


One of my favourite all time Hong Kong Snack 雞蛋仔
Its like some times, you just don’t feel like having a complete meal, or rather those times that you feel like you want to have something in between your meals, not too heavy, just greedily something to munch on that is not too savoury, at yet at the same time not too sweet , I highly reccomand this 🙂

The key and skill of making this snack, is to not let the little puffies ( the circular parts that pops out on both sides) too soft and nua when it starts to cool down. There is no filling inside, just thought I let you know but i like it. I did ever walk around and see some stalls selling 1/2 plain flavoured ones and 1/2 chocolate ones.

I super love this and when reccomanded to my friend in Hong Kong, he also seems to take a liking to it 🙂

I usually take a ferry over to tsim tsha tsui to get this! This stall is filled with celebrities photos, and I think they have another outlet in north point as well.

the address of other branches can be found here


So I forgot to ask the officer to stamp my work visa .. So I had to leave and return Hong Kong so as to be able to get it stamped ..

So I went to Macau to get it stamped and at the same time, being my first time there, went to explore the place like a tourist too

My childhood favourite - Saint Andre Egg Tarts!! (Dont know why its pronnounced Hondre)


Packing a little 'boat shaped love' with me on board the jet to Macauu

definite Hit for me 🙂

leaving on a jetboat onward Macauuu!!! 🙂