甜姨姨私房甜品 Auntie Sweet

as part of my farewell dinner from my newly found hong kong friends,

I was brought to this dessert place that has so much mango delights!
I loved it!!
I wished I went there earlier 😦

甜姨姨私房甜品 Auntie Sweet

so of course i Ordered the special as reccomended : which is Mango ice-cream and mango cubes, and mango dao hui, drowned in mango gravy and topped with shredded mango 🙂

Mango goodness

and of course, we all shared :

what lies in this tub??

Beancurd!! 🙂

Wished I ate at this place earlier!!
If I returned to Hong Kong, would definitely come back here to eat! for a dessert fix! 🙂

 甜姨姨私房甜品 Auntie Sweet
Shop A4, G/F,
96 Electric Road,
Tin Hau 

Kau Kee Restaurant 九記牛腩

One for the road. …..
Since I am free now, I am going around eating what I will not be able to get in Singapore .. right? hahahaa ok my stomach agrees with me ..
so anyways, went to Central and I just had to try this place after all the hype .. why not?

Gao gei 🙂

Curry Beef Brisket Noodles!

I ordered the thicker noodles, the “e-min” (might have spelt it wrongly) .. But it resembled mee pok in Singapore.. well kinda one of the closest I could get and it went really really well 🙂

Cooled down

I will super miss this!!!! Super love it I will miss this super much! But I do hear that the queue get quite long .. I was quite lucky to be able to go at odd in between hours .. so .. and maybe because I was alone, so it was easier to get a place to sit 🙂

one of my favourite beef brisket noodles … 🙂 ahhaaha ..  Why didn’t I go to this place earlier .. mannn -_-

Kau Kee Restaurant 九記牛腩
Address: G/F, 21 Gough Street, Central
地址 : 中環歌賦街21號地下
Open on Mon- Sat 1230pm – 1030pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays



I realised that my neighbourhood is quite the students hang out. I live near schools .. 2 schools in fact! and there are always students hanging out at this joint.
I also saw alot of celebrities pictures displayed on the window of this shop! so i decided to give it a shot!

I bought their speciality : Roasted Pork Neck Cheese Noodles!

Charred Pork Neck with cheese on maggi noodles

Awesomeness comfort food to the max 🙂
although did get gelat after awhile..

Shop G11-G14,
New Century Plaza,
151-163 Wan Chai Road,
Wan Chai


This place was introduced to me by my taiwanese boss, who brought me there, together with another colleague to get to know another friend’s friend that worked in Goldman Sachs.  That dinner was quite .. formal, so it wasnt convenient for me to keep taking pictures of what i ate.

Thankfully my brother, who came to Hong Kong on exchange managed to find a place at Sheung Wan, and , co incidentally, he stayed so near this place!! literally parallel to this place! I super love it! but sadly between the 2 of us, what we can order is quite limited..

Ko lo yoke (Sweet and Sour Pork)

Pork Bone Soup

Lup Cheong Chicken Claypot rice

If only there were more of us .. but the clay pot rice is a real classic! I loveed the sauce that comes with it!
The soup was just awesome! its pepper based and the stomach inside was washed quite thoroughly! – doesn’t have the smell.. The soup base is just awesome!
The sweet and sour pork was still crispy even when drizzled with sauce!!!
Super must come back to this place no matter what!!

and on the way home, guess which tvb celebrity i saw!!

Chen Hao!

He looks so much slimmer real life 🙂

243-245 Des Voeux Road West,
Western District
Sheung Wan


BBQ (Third Street)

I was supposed to meet my ‘hk dad’ for dinner.
I stupidly took a tram BUT forgot to bring my wallet ..
the tram driver was kind enough to let me off..
I took to the last stop and called my brother to rescue me (fortunately hes around to help me)
and thankfully so he joined us for dinner as well (although he was grumbling he had alot of work to clear and blamed me thoroughly)


Baked Prawn

Bamboo Clams


Stir fried Squid with beansprouts

Fish Cake with mini surprise inside


Its two shops located opposite each other .. kinda yakitori style stuff as well but very yummy!
Something different from the normal

I didn’t manage to capture the bulk of what we also ordered – it got eaten up too fast too furious
But i will return here for the mini surprise fish cake thingy! and the Foie Gras!

129-133 Third St.,
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, 

Sun King Yuen Curry Restaurant 新景園咖喱小廚

I went back to my favourite curry pork chop rice place to try out a different one : totmato pork chop rice.

Tomato Pork Chop Rice

verdict: I still think I like the curry one better

 Sun King Yuen Curry Restaurant 新景園咖喱小廚
20 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai

Sun King Yuen Curry Restaurant 新景園咖喱小廚

My brother is in Hong Kong for exchange!! Good thing hes around! can always trust him for good food hunts :p
so hes putting up in my place until he manages to find a place to live in …

he found this curry pork chop rice that is super duper yummilicious!! we have been eating everyday for lunch! especially when we are all lazy to cook or even to have to push each other to go and ta bao for the other (ok it always ends up to be me)

ta dam!!!!

I think its amazing how the portions in Hong Kong is always so BIG!  and yet the people here are like either super skinny or super duper skinny.Look at this pork chop! its can cover the whole rice portion!!!

Curry Sauce!!

the curry sauce is a little too oily for me BUT , when you just combine it together.. you just can’t stop eating it! like really can’t stop putting it in your mouth! and amazingly!! WE FINISHED IT ALL!!!!

to take away is cheaper, but this is a definite hit. I could eat this almost everyday!!!

Sun King Yuen Curry Restaurant   新景園咖喱小廚
20 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai

Tak Hing Restaurant 德興酒家

So we are back to try, as previously mentioned, my colleague is on his quest to eat this all you can eat steamboat!
I am quite excited as this will be my first hong kong style of steam boat!

The practice here is that, you kind of make your own dipping sauce for the steam boat! such a huge array to choose from!!