Butao Ramen

This is the king of all Hong Kong Ramen I have eaten.


My brother kept raving about this ramen place that he thinks is better than any other ones he has eaten so far in Hong Kong .. So I decided to go and give it a shot. He warned me that the queuing time is crazy, so I thought I go at an in-between timing, but I still ended up queuing for 1 hour before I could get a seat.

My Order

Condiments to put into Ramen

The end product

I think its pretty awesome!!! Will return to eat it again!!


Butao Ramen
Wo On Building,
8-13 On Lane Street,
Lan Kwai Fong, Central
Hong Kong

UCC Coffee Shop

My friend treated me back with his first pay check!
So we decided to check out this Jap cafe style restuarant that we walked by the last time around ..
we were drawn by the hiyashi rice and I found out that both of us were into it .. So we returned

as we walked in, there was this help yourself salad bar

it was like a Japanese family restaurant style .. alot of kids and families gathered. I wasn’t too hungry after the salad, so I ordered myself a beef stew. It was pretty good! and had bread to accompany it.

Beef Stew

He had

beef curry cassarole baked rice

upon the first bite, he concluded that it tasted like a ‘Curry puff tasting beef curry cassarole baked rice’.. LOL what a description so i decided to take a bite and taste it for myself. .. Indeed it had hints of curry powder and did taste like it!
A yummy treat indeed! 🙂
and a super filled tummy 🙂
Would return to chillax, sit by the window and people watch.
UCC Coffee Shop
2/F, Causeway Bay Plaza 1,
489 Hannessy Road 
Causeway Bay 


戶井北海道米比薩 (Toi hokkaido rice pizza)

So then we explored causeway bay then settled on dinner while exploring ..
we chanced upon this Hokkaido Rice Pizza!
Never have I heard of eating rice pizza .. so ok we gave it a go

Sukiyaki Rice Pizza - can tell by the slices we enjoyed it

Close up

Fried Chicken Knees

This is a surprising Hit 🙂  I think its quite a nice place for a bar snack-ish food as well. Maybe I am noob-ish still in navigating around Hong Kong still, but I would go back for the chicken knees! Its been quite a long while since my tokyo holiday with my family that I find chicken knee!! Its so hard to find it in Singapore .. so yups! this is one of my favourite dish of the night.

The service was quite humms .. took a while to take our orders down ( i also wonder if its because of my broken cantonese as well)

work is going to begin in a few days .. my racing heart ok! till more finds 🙂


Toi hokkaido rice pizza (戶井北海道米比薩)
Shop 9, 1/F, JP Plaza, 22-36 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay