Bangkok: #1.2

So we were walking around chinatown exploring the place and I must say, its really packed with loads of food!!! In my fondest memory of going to Bangkok, ( I haven’t been back there since .. around maybe 10 years ago?)  I remember buying their version of a “roti prata” from this push cart makeshift stall … and being a kid, anything sweet was just awesome! I remember eating  it drizzled with condensed milk and topped with sugar!!!! talk about sugar high 🙂 AND I managed to find a similar! so I thought I just had to buy it and let the crew try!

Stall 🙂

and of course:

Banana filling! topped with condensed milk and sugar!


and as we continued walking on .. the troopie beaties and kay + phil decided that since they travelled all the way here, we should all try the thai style of sharksfin and birds nest .. As we ploughed through the different rows of stores .. they finally found one where the fins are thick and the birds nest is not diluted :

Yup we headed in here

Kitchen outside 🙂


so of course what we came for :

Thick Sharks Fin Soup

Sharks fin soup Condiment : Raw bean Sprouts and Coriander 

and of course, as sighted in the kitchen :

Fresh Birds Nest

and when its served to us :

Red Birds Nest


Verdict: Troopies were all very happy! We shared it all and glad that we managed to satisfy all their cravings 🙂  Sorry I do not know where the exact address of this place is, but its further down from the same side of TK seafood, just further down from them towards the red shirt side.







BKK: #1.1

I last minute decided to hop on a trip to Bangkok with my crew 🙂  (one of the most last minute decisions that I have ever made in my life – no exaggerations intended) . And of which, I have now compiled a list of food places that we visited and enjoyed. 🙂

So we took the “airport express” straight to our hotel ( we stayed at pullman hotel at king complex)

Welcome juice: Carrot and orange mixed? refreshing enough ..

The first place, as chronologically visited, is our first stop : Chinatown!!!!! because we arrived late afternoon in bangkok, we decided to grab an early dinner. So as reccomended by troopie kay, TK Seafood. The picture below is a picture of the kitchen! literally dinning by the road side .. with the cars trying to drive through the roads .. it felt like an authentic thai experience 🙂 Right opposite theres also a similar joint, with their crew all dressed in red polo shirts.. but we were reccomended this one instead! Spot those with the green polo shirts 🙂



ok, following on, so we ordered to share among 5 of us :

Stir Fried Water Morning Glory

River Prawn with Glass Noodles and Black Pepper

Oyster Thai Omelet

Fried Stuffed Crab with Crab Meat and Glass Noodle

Seafood Lemon Grass Soup with Milk ( aka Tom Yum Soup)


Verdict: 4.5/5 of us will return! Thankfully we arrived early and managed to get seats, before people started coming and queuing up for seats … The tom Yum Soup was lethal .. for a few sips, you could not taste the spiciness until it slowly kicks in! and it was quite richly but not too thick until you feel like throwing up after a few sips .. 🙂 This was one of my favourite dishes .. 🙂 (HMM Idea! ok watch out for the next post in a different format)
The stuffed crab was also quite well received, and so was the oyster omelet 🙂 My crew thoroughly enjoyed the food and we finished it up all in a bit 🙂

T&K Seafood
49-51 Phadung Dao Rd,
Chinatown, Bangkok.
T: (02) 223 4519.