Max Brenner

Used to hang out at this place when I was abroad in Melbourne
Today, I was treated kindly by a classmate


Fondue: Caramel, Chocolate and White Chocolate


Chocolate Chai Tea 🙂


Peanutbutter Shake




Verdict: 5/5 of us will return.
I had the chocolate chai .. I must say it is very uniquely nice for all those who likes chai tea latte and wants to take the sweetness a notch higher, this is highly recommended. After a few glasses however, it just was too much for me .. Better this be shared 🙂

The fondue was good, chocolate was solid, not those diluted mixed up chocolate or cheapo melted chocolate.

Crepe was also good -> snapped up very fast

For all who needs a quick chocolate fix, try this place! in Melbourne I remember eating the waffles! super awesome there! but I am not too sure about here .. have yet to try! perhaps on the next trip back!

Max Brenner
112 East Coast Road,
#01‐05 112 Katong,
Singapore 428802

8 Raffles Avenue,
Esplanade Mall

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