Had a mini farewell dinner for a friend who was leaving for good.
a highly recommended place to try:
Thai-style kind of steamboat

So, we ordered  a set meal for 4 and added on items  such as Bacon Enoki Wrap, Pork Belly, Thai Fish Cake .. etc

Dipping Chilli ( From left to right represents the degree of spiciness)

Dipping Chilli ( From left to right represents the degree of spiciness)


Before starting


Part of the set : Seafood, Pork, Chicken,




Pork Belly


Process of cooking


After a few rounds

Verdict: 5/5 of us will return
So the steps to it is that, you first cook the meat on the protruding side, then you go on to pour chicken stock (in a teapot) into the pot until it reaches a certain level. In doing so, the juices of the meat will flow into the broth and after a while, your broth will be very sweet and nice. In the soup, throw in the vegetables to cook, as well as fish cakes etc etc ..
Apart from the smell (my bag was smelly for 3 days – no exaggeration),  It was pretty good and value for money. Quality of the meat and ingredients were not the cheap kind that disintegrates the moment you pick up using your chopsticks or not like you see in most steamboat restaurants. Nice for a change.

103 East Coast Road
Singapore 428797

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