Shinkansen Salad

Decided to check out this new salad place

how rare is it that they put hamachi (yellow tail) into salads??

So how this works is, you get to choose your size, base, extra toppings and sauce

Hamachi Sashimi Salad

Hamachi Sashimi Salad

Salmon Sashimi based salad

Salmon Sashimi based salad


Verdict: 2/2 of us will never return

1) Hamachi was fishy (felt like they left there for too long kind a fishy)
2) Salmon was also just average honestly

We were disappointed.
Although this was priced slightly higher than average salads, we didn’t feel like we got our bang for the buck.

*Classified under vegetarian because there are just non-meat options for vegetarians šŸ™‚

Shinkansen Sushi
Ocean Financial Centre,
10 Collyer Quay
Singapore, 049315


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