Eggs & Berries

Wanted a little change of environment
decided to go on to explore the west side  🙂

It was too hot so we decided on this place

Italia Eggs Benedict Doppie

Italia Eggs Benedict Doppie

Avacado Shake

Avocado Shake

Blue Berry Shake

Blue Berry Shake

Griiled Chicken Tigh

Grilled Chicken Tigh


Verdict : 05/2 of us will return.
1) the drinks : was just horrible.  Although the colour on the surface looked like it was really rich, the milk was more overpowering than the actual fruit itself.
2) Mains were slightly ordinary. It was good but not so much a definitely die I want to come back IMMEDIATELY .

Eggs and Berries
3 Gateway Drive
#02-06 Westgate Mall
Singapore 608532

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