kyoto #1.1

On ward Kyoto for a relaxing Ryokan experience

Upon arrival at the station, we stopped for a quick lunch at the JR station in ISETAN

Ramen Museum : introducing only the best ramens

Ramen Museum : introducing only the best ramens

decided to go with what we couldn’t get in Singapore .. so we went for :

Settled with this

Settled with this

Free Flow of Eggs :)

Free Flow of Raw Eggs 🙂

Fish Cake

Fish Cake



#No. 2

Normal Bowl Ramen with eggs and sliced beef 

Char Han :)

Char Han 🙂

Verdict: 5/5 will return

The Fried rice was the highlight because it was really very well fried -> very fragrant even when they are carrying it to the table, you can really smell it.

The beef looked like it was marinated in sukiyaki sauce, but it was not. Just quite plain but nice for a change instead of the usual types we can get in Singapore.

Tokushima Ramen Toudai (徳島 ラーメン東大)
10F Kyoto Station Building,

901 Higashishiokoujicho Sagaru Shiokoji Karasuma dori Shimogyo-ku,
Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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