Sum’s Kitchen & Hong Kong Roasted Meat

We are on a zhi char roll!!!!

So the next place I am about to recommend is among the TOP favourite of my family! Our previous visits with friends have received positive feedbacks about this place 🙂

During my brother’s NS days, he frequently patronised this place with his friend .. and 2 of them can finish 9 dishes with rice! yes one unique selling point of this place is that, they only serve rice .. there are no noodle dishes like the normal zhi char stores .. but! Most of their dishes are just fantastic to us all!  and agreeable!

The turnover of this place is really good! within 1 hour we roughly counted, there was at least 1 new sitting. We sat there till 9 ish and there were still people around queuing for a place inside! * Don’t forget to look out for the daily specials as well!!!

A picture with a famous Hong Kong food  critique

A picture with a famous Hong Kong food critique

Daily Specials

Daily Specials

No more roast!

No more roast!

So together with Auntie M and Uncle P, we all ordered:

"Mei Cai" with Kai Lan

“Mei Cai” with Kai Lan

Roast Duck!

Roast Duck!

Steamed Minced Meat with Salted fish

Steamed Minced Meat with Salted fish

3 types of egg steamed egg

3 types of egg steamed egg

Sweet Sour Pork

Sweet Sour Pork

deep fried squid with salt

deep-fried squid with salt

Mai vegetable

Mai vegetable with fermented bean curd

Verdict: 7/7 of us will definitely return! In the past with this place, we could actually order 2 rounds of some dishes, and each with one bowl of white rice! !!

I do apologise though.. we actually ordered a fried fish tail, Soup and char siew (roasted pork) .  I forgot to take a picture of them ;p

Char Siew was their new dish .. previously they did not have char siew and it was only recent that they started roasting it .. and ITS GOOD! quite comparable to Hong Kong standard and not as fatty at the same time! The roast duck is also a Must order! BUT you have to try to reserve the duck at least 1 day/ a few hours before you dine there. . because IT SELLS OUT VERY FAST! The meat is just moist and not dry!

The rest of the other dishes are our common favourite “must haves” .

The place is air-conditioned as well, so don’t worry! you won’t be sweating and eating at the same time!  We previously also brought our Danish neighbours there and they enjoyed it very much as well! cleaned up every dish that came!!! 🙂

The husband and wife team would also go around Singapore to eat, and experiment with new dishes (e.g. char siew and the kailan with mei cai (salted vegetable)) .. so to keep their customers coming back like us 😀

Plus, prices are really affordable!! we each ended up paying probably around $20 per person? and we had fish, duck, char siew etc ..

Please remember to make a reservation before you go, especially during the peak dinner time!

Sum’s Kitchen & Hong Kong Roasted Meat
3 Jalan Legundi
Tel: 67572118

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