Tamaya Dinning

finally met up with the gang 🙂 thanks to troopie Ali and beaties for organizing.

so decided to go down cuppage for Japanese dinner!
I wanted to bring them to Shinjuku Izakaya, but the place was quite full… so we headed to the terrace and settled for Tamaya dinning

So for appetizers, we had

Otooshi – pickled Tako (octopus)

and so we ordered to share between us


3 kinds of Sashimi – Tuna, Salmon and Meikiji(Sword fish)

Niku Jyaga (Beef and Potato Stew)

Buta Salad (Pork Salad)

Mentaiko Pasta

Chawan Mushi

after opening the cap .. close up


Tsukune Tare ( Minced Chicken patty with quail’s egg)

Tebasake (Grilled Salt Chicken Wings)


Verdict: 2.5/4 of us will return.
I think my troopers are not very used to this style of Japanese cooking. Then again, they mentioned they liked the Mentaiko pasta – that it was very buttery and creamy, as well as the niku Jyaga.

But I personally quite like this place …. one of my favourite place for oden, as well as the mentaiko pasta.  🙂

Will definitely return!!

and now.. DESSERT!!! 🙂

Tamaya dining
45 Cuppage Road
Cuppage Terrace



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