Little Part One

To continue our red line adventures, we said that we will continue trying out hideaway along the red line. [ by red line, it is in the context of MRT lines, the main red and green line? yup]

So we decided to make at trip down to Little Part one to try their mains!

and a quick glance around


so we both ordered drinks

Double Shot latte

and for troopie gracie

Pear Cider

*disclaimer* please do not drink and drive! and if you are under aged just wait till you are legal.

and for our mains, I ordered something light because I am wanted back home for dinner. I thought I go light with a salad.. but when it came, I was shocked but the portion. ITs HUGE!

Chicken Salad

and for troopie gracie,


I liked how at the bottom on the menu they actually put up this notice:

no wastage indeed

Verdict: 2/2 of us will return.

They are not only generous with their portions, we also felt that the price wise was pretty reasonable. The environment is also very quiet and I would recommend this place for catch ups, or even just to chill and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Troopie grace mentioned that her  ribs were very tender and not over cooked. The meat came off the bone very easily and its also moist.

My salad was really huge but nicely done as well.  The dressing after a while however, was abit too much to manage.

But nonetheless, a very nice chill out from a week of business!

Looking forward to check out the new next place along the red line 🙂

Little Part One
15 Jasmine Road
Singapore 576584


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