Christmas Christmas

Christmas is one of my favourite season of the year!
As you can see from my blog’s background picture – yes it was even barely before November and I already purposely designed the blog in Christmas-y theme.
Presents aside, Don’t you think its one of the happier season of the year to top off the whole year? Be it a shitty year or a superb year,  a jolly way to end it off… And of course, the time of the year to just reward yourself and re-charge for the next year ahead!

Imagine all the Christmas goodness : Beef, mushrooms, chestnuts, puff pastry all this goodness coming together!!!!! *YUM

so this post is going to be slightly different. ..
My excited mother, after discovering recipes on youtube ( shes very proud to be one of the most tech savy person among her friends.. thanks to children like me that teach them how to use ;p) . She has a passion for cooking and thats where we all also develop our fussy taste buds.
She found this recipe by Gordan Ramsay – the swearing chef – and decided to try it out … ( don’t worry  he doesnt swear in there)

Please click on the title “Beef Wellington” below to access the youtube video on how to make this awesome dish.

Beef Wellington

freshly out of the Oven

and .. on closer up

one slice

close up

*disclaimer we don’t own the recipe to this dish nor the video.

My mum said if only her cling wrap was of a better material, the filling with the mushroom and chestnut would be more evenly spread out. The ingenuity of this dish is that, the beef is not over cooked when you bake it together with the puff pastry, and moist at the same time. It came out the perfect texture and temperature.

I know what I am having for Christmas! Hope you all feel inspired to try this out for your own Christmas dinners too!



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