Happy Birthday Onezero

Happy Birthday to me!!
yes! one of my many nick names is onezero.
So my dear friends decided to celebrate my birthday at this place called zero zero at central. [Onezero goes zero zero] *faints


ahhaa so the four of us met and ….

Balloon for me!!!

So this place in general is pretty chillax .. Theres live music to accompany your dinning experience ,

live band

+ 2 waiters that claim they are show luo and andy lau .  .. so hahaha playful friendly staff.

so we went ahead with the Something on the Rock set menu, which consist of,  Amuse Bouche, Cold Dish, Side dish/soup, Main Course and Dessert.

So our Amuse Bouche:

for 2 🙂

Foe gras + Peach Shot, Potato cake with Tabiko (fish eggs) and Sear scallop with Watermelon

We were instructed to eat starting from the shot glass downwards to end off with the scallop and watermelon to cleanse our palettes and prepare for what is to come 🙂

for starters, 3 of us ordered the smoked duck with apple,

Smoked duck with apple


and troopie Jean ordered the maguro(tuna) tataki carpaccio .

Maguro Tataki Carpaccio

Following that, we all spontaneously ordered Truffle oil mushroom soup

Truffle Oil Mushroom Soup

Following that, troopie Jean and Janice ordered for their mains:

Duck Confit with Potato Slice

and both troopie grace and I ordered the Pork Collar + miso sauce on Hoba Leaf.

Pork Collar on Hoba Leaf + Miso sauce

and of course, dessert.  Both troopie Jan and I ordered

Chocolate Cheese Cake

and both troopie grace and Jean ordered:

Crispy Puff. Banana. Ice-Cream


Verdict: 2.5/4 of us will return.

The amuse Bouche was pretty innovative.  I didn’t know scallop and watermelon actually went together! Interesting combination! Although i don’t think the rest of them liked the combination and found it quite weird.

The soup was a little too saltish for troopie Jean and Me. But for the salt partners troopie Grace and Jan, they just thought it was alright for them.

Our sides were all ok .. not a big shout out to start off with.

For the mains, we all actually wanted to order the steak on hoba leaf. The Andy Lau waiter said that it was sold out .. so  😦 the pork I reckon personally is not that a good idea .. its so hard to cook the pork thoroughly  .. and pink uncooked parts of the pork makes it abit hard to eat because of the porky taste .. The onions were  too overpowering.
The duck confit team, slightly too saltish for troopie Jean, but ok for Troopie Janice. They liked the potato.

Desserts wise, The puff team enjoyed theirs quite thoroughly. The puff was not softened by the ice-cream in the middle and maintained its ‘crispyness’. Banana topped off the dessert on the whole.  Chocolate cheese cake was not too sweet and nicely balanced out.

To further lighten the night, with compliments from the restaurant:


Thanks friends for organizing! 🙂
Great service kinda makes up for the food, but great company enriches the dinning experience.
Zero Zero
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central,
Singapore 0589817







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