Kam Boat House

The mental monster (aka brother) decided to be nice and went to the club( Singapore Swimming Club) to take away lunch for my family 🙂

Kam Boat House

So he decided to try out the Chinese restaurant at our club (following on the dim sum theme)  he bought back.
We were all quite ravenous by the time he got back, so just bear with the presentation of the food – although it does kinda overall taste like what it looks like Zzzz …

Xiao Long pau, Har gao (prawn dumplings)

Char Siew Sau

Steamed Black bean pork ribs

Prawn with mango fritters

glutinous rice

Xo carrot cake? or chye dau kueh?

So he also ordered things off the main menu as well.

Seafood Hor fun (with egg)

3 types of egg vegetable

and their speciality, and I think we can all unanimously agree this is the best dish out of all the take aways

Roast chicken with salt dip


Verdict: 4/4 of us will not return for dim sum .. the usual dishes that we order (har gao, char siew sau .. ) was just … mediocre according to our fussy taste buds – we have been too spoilt for choice .. But I would say the xiao long pau is quite redeeming of the whole lot of dishes.
The most ‘surprising’ dish I would say was the XO-carrot cake. It ended up tasting like the  carrot cake sold in hawker centres instead of what it should be like.
As for the chicken, it’s not tough (I am more of a chicken breast meat person), and quite tender in fact – I think this was the best dish that was done well out of the whole takeaway. The hor fun was disappointing only because it didn’t have the wok fried taste to it?  .. like the burnt otherwise colloquially termed ‘chao ta’ taste. The ‘wok hei’ (fire) was probably not big enough to get such an effect.

Just thought I try something different in pasting the address









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