Tomo Izakaya

I met my dear Troopie Rah who was back on a short holiday. I have not seen her for…. close to 2-3 years? Its just amazing I think when you can just ‘lose contact’ with some friends until when you meet again to update each other, that there seems to be no awkwardness, but just talking like old times. I am very thankful for this special friend that I crossed paths with, because I think I would have failed my studies if not for her patience and kindness in helping me get through those shitty units in uni. She is truly a very intelligent and talented girl 🙂

Since she has not returned for a while, and was craving Japanese food, I thought I bring her to try this place that I have been also wanting to try. So we met and headed towards Clarke Quay (last minute troopie yuns could not make it in time 😦 .


This place is so nicely decorated. I feel as if I really stepped into the izakaya in Japan, but just not as crowded yet. We were talking and Rah mentioned how the skewers places she went to in Melbourne were just unappetizing and hard.  I am so relieved and glad I brought her here 🙂

so again, in the order of our favourites for the night out of all we ordered:

Chicken MeatBalls

Do not underestimate this chicken meatball. This is really handmade and not processed – only because when we were working on it, we could actually bite on those small soft bones? although I kind of wished they added more sauce on it.. but other than that, our favourite 🙂

Pork belly & cabbage with miso sauce

This was another favourite of rah’s for the night. The dish was not too saltish, and was a very nice dish to ‘pick on as you talk’..  I also quite liked it, although not as much as what I am going to show next.

Meijiki (Swordfish) belly Sashimi

This is one of my favourite for the night. The fish is really fresh and I am biased because this is one of my favourite Sashimi around, and very rarely that I find the belly form of it! double bliss. Will definitely come back for this!

Salmon Sashimi

This was also not bad ( Because I greedily ate up the swordfish).

Bacon Wrapped in Scallops

This was just not what I expected it to be. But abit too overcooked the bacon, hence making it a little too tough to bite through.

Garlic Fried Rice

This simple dish looks so pain and ordinary, but do not underestimate its taste. The rice was really grainy, and the fragrance of the garlic permeates the whole rice, make it very flavourful although it didn’t have any meat on it.

Quail Eggs skewers

I ordered this only because I thought it would look like how it was in the menu 😦 But when it came, I expected it to be browner? this one just feels like the skewers were just rolling around the BBQ thing for 5 minutes? *:(

Diced beef with yuzu radish sauce.

I reckoned this was the worst dish we had for the evening. From the blur picture, The meat was just so dry and hard to bite through?

Verdict: 1/2 of us will return. I would rate this place as a maybe. If I am round the corner and really have a craving for grilled Japanese food, I would pop by this place. If not, I don’t think I will really return here unless its a gathering or special occasion. I wished I brought her to a better place instead 😦

Tomo Izakaya @ Clarke Quay
3A River Valley Road 
#01-04 Clarke Quay 
Singapore 179020




3 thoughts on “Tomo Izakaya

  1. Hi ,

    Your feedback is noted and greatly appreciated .

    Will share your feedback with the kitchen team for improvement.

    Hope can see you in near future.

    Tomo Izakaya

    • Thank You for visiting my blog and taking into account my feedback.

      Your comment is very encouraging.:)

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