The Salad Shop

This next place that I am going to write about next, I bet probably most of the people that work in Raffles Place would already know of it. I had to help my brother run some errands – part of his list of errands is to buy lunch from this place (I know right! I am such a good sister! If you ever read this mentai monster, I deserve some best sister award man! *grins ;p)

So this place, is very highly well liked by most of my friends that work at Raffles place. .. and especially on days that you don’t want too heavy a meal. .. I must say that I came to like this place as well after my first visit.. And made seconds to this place:)

The Salad Shop

So my first trip there I was really lost .  I had no idea what to do but all I saw was

crowded lunch crowd


salad tossing counters

took me a while until I managed to find the order sheet!  (*blur me)

Order sheet

Ok I think its pretty self-explanatory. You just tick off the size of the salad you want, and the toppings that you want. .. So we chose different ones on the 2 times I went there.
The first time we ordered

Caesar dressing + Roast Chicken, lettuce base, roasted capsicum, sweet corn, parmesan, croutons, etc

Honey Mustard dressing – + roast chicken, sweet corn, dried cranberry, feta cheese, lettuce base, Pickled seaweed

and the second round of ordering,

Roast Beef, dried cranberry, dried blueberry, lettuce base, feta cheese, pine nuts, pickled seaweed

Casesar dressing , capsicum, sweet corn, Roast chicken, etc


Verdict: 2/2 of us will go back! I would gladly! Price wise i think its quite reasonable, and portions are quite generous although my brother said they used to really stuff it up to the brim of the box .. but I think its really enough.
On my second time, I didn’t really like the roast beef though .. I thought it was abit too grainy for my own preference and that after taste. But other than that, the salad overall is pretty good 🙂

The Salad Shop
1 Bonham Street
#01-20 UOB Plaza 2






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