Paradise Pavillion

My bro brought us all to this place as a change from the usual dim sum places that we frequent.
We took the lift up and immediately it was the entrance of the restaurant.
A very nicely decorated classy decorated Chinese Restaurant, filled with peking duck aroma.
Towards the right of the booth where you ‘register’,  you will find

place where they roast the duck

Its quite cruel. We were really starving and they took quite a while to show us to our table. The peking duck smell really just made us grumpier by the minute.

When we Finally got our table, we fired away our orders .. and waited again for the dishes to come. ..

view from where we were sitting

For starters, this place has sharks fin done 26 different styles!!!
So we ordered to share

Sharks Fin in Brown Tham sauce

Stone Bowl Sharks Fin + Crispy skin to dip

Shark cartilage + ‘Fa Gao’ Soup

and my dad, not a fan of sharks fin, ordered himself

Lobster bisque in Old coconut

Then of course, what we came for!!
What dishes we liked:

Xo Fried Raddish Carrot cake

Chicken and Mushroom Truffle pie

Char SiewSau

Siew Mai Skewers

Prawn and Mango Breadcrumbed Pastry

Xiao long Pau

Roast Pork with Kai Lan

Steamed glutinous rice in chinese wine 

What we thought was pretty meh..

Snow baked Charsiew buns

Yam Puff stuffed with meat

Chicken Feet

Har gao

Crab Pastry

Fried Mushroom on Toufu with black pepper truffle sauce

and of course, not forgetting to finish the meal off with

Lau Sar Pao

close up

Verdict: 4/4 of us will return for the dishes we liked.
The shark fin soup generally, I thought it was ok. .. Though I think we thought the best out of the four was still the shark cartilage soup. My brother kept talking about the stone bowl one, but I didn’t really think very highly of it though .. like it didn’t taste as I expected it to be. Ingenious idea though, to provide that dipping stick to accompany the soup.
The char siew sau however, I think still cannot beat Imperial’s one. I like that Imperial’s one is more pastry based but not thick, and their egg wash is so nicely glazed – makes the dish more inviting than this one. This one is nonetheless, less flaky but quite well liked by my brother. This being said, I totally loved the chicken and mushroom pie. This pastry should just replace the char siew sau’s one.
The Xo fried raddish was one of the best that I have eaten so far. The raddish cake was pan-fried to crispy (like the corners) and was not all mushy! This is really awesome!
The xiao long paus were also very yummy! the skin is very thin, filled with alot of soup, but to describe it, I would call it little drops of heaven.
My parents enjoyed the glutinous rice dish. They felt it was very unusual.
The kailan and roast pork . Although the roast pork was slightly too saltish, but the kai lan was really cooked very well – my favourite style, boiled for a while before blenching in it cold water to retain its crunchiness in the stem. Reminded me of the kai lan that ate in Hong Kong.
For the prawn dishes (because I don’t eat prawns), my brother said that the mango and prawn pastry was his favourite. The flavours inside and the ‘creamy texture’ within had been very different from those he previously had. The siew mai Skewers as well, they had kind of ‘bbq-ed’ the siew mai so making it very nice smelling and different from the others he had.

As for the dishes that we thought were ok…
The snow skin char siew pau was just flat. It like ‘lau hong-ed’ as you cut it, and it wasn’t anything special – turned out so different from what we thought it would be.
I would also like to take the opportunity to point out the crab pastry dish. I felt so cheated . Because I don’t eat prawns, there were traces of prawns inside that dish! which was not mentioned on the menu! I thought it was purely a crab dish! That put me off the dish. This dish is exactly what is looks like – boring and dry.
The har gao – as complained by my brother, it was not a whole prawn so .. neh .. not what he likes.

The desert lau sar pau, I would say is comparable to East Ocean’s one.  It is thicker though, but better than Imperial. If there was a lau sar pau ranking, #1 East Ocean, #2 Paradise Pavillion, #3 would be Imperial

Paradise Pavilion 乐天阁
 #02-01 Marina Bay Financial Centre,
Ground Plaza
8A Marina Boulevard, Singapore