We kindly got treated by Uncle P and Aunty M for lunch at their club ­čÖé
Our family always enjoy their company, especially Uncle P when he shares his experiences and viewpoints about Singapore, we all never fail to erupt into laughter and at the same time, agree largely to most of the things that he shares with us. A very┬áknowledgeable man ­čÖé Aunty M on the other hand, you would think she is just engaging and day dreaming away, but she would always say the wackiest thing at the wackiest moment. ( a couple of times sitting next to her in church, I thought I always did catch her sleeping, but she always said she was just ‘resting her eyes’ :p)

And is Singapore small or what, ┬áMy mum’s┬ágynaecologist that delivered my sister and I was also dinning there! she actually recognizes my mum and said she still looks young! haha ok was abit of a┬áweird┬ámoment for me ..I mean I don’t think they really will remember the specific baby they delivered unless it’s some special case or some birthmark on the baby or something ..

Uncle P said that this branch of the club’s specialty was ┬átheir Indian food.
And we ordered :

Special bean paste chicken

Butter Chicken

Masala Prawns

and not forgetting some local delights:

Pan fried ikan






Verdict: ┬á6/7 of us will return for the Indian Food. We ordered alot more Indian cuisine, but I didn’t managed to take them in time before it got all snapped up! ­čśŽ ┬áIn fact, this is our second visit back there for the Indian Cuisine. I love the butter chicken ­čÖé I think they might have been a little short-handed on staff, because service was always very long.
Uncle P mentioned another┬áspeciality┬áhere is the prawn noodles. My bro aka the mentai monster tried it the last time around, but he didn’t feel it was the best he had.

Singapore Island Country Club
240 Sime Road
Singapore 288303