Skyve Elementary Bistro and Bar

I met up with dear mama Phua – its been quite a long while since I last saw her! Busy mama phua! So, we decided to go try a new place that is convenient for us both around the Newton area for lunch, called Skyve bar ( an apt name and description to describe our mood)

The location seems like an ex factory like building, but the decoration of this restaurant is very laid back and at the same time has a tinge of “arti-ness” to it.

We both decided to order the set lunch 🙂 and to start us off, Hot bread

Bread to start

For our drinks

Flat White


For our appetizers, we took both

Cold Soba and Toufu : Seaweek ‘cavier’, spring onion and wasabi & yuzu dressing

GRAVLAX & EGG: Egg with soft yolk, fresh dill in creme fraiche, gherkin and japanese cucumber

and for our mains,

Confit of Duck Leg: Sous vide crispy duck leg, apple & fennel salad, balsamic vinegar & mustard seed dressing

Fish of the day : Grilled Snapper with layered Potato

Verdict:  1.5/2 of us will return probably to try different things.
Mama phua had the soba appetizer + the duck confit. She mentioned that she didn’t really enjoy her appetizer because she thought the combination was .. to eat it all together was a little weird. The duck confit however, was very thoroughly cooked. Nothing to complain or pint point about it, but just not the best she had ..

I had the egg appetizer + the Grilled snapper. I also didn’t enjoy my appetizer only because I thought the smoked salmon had abit of a strong fishy taste. .. I enjoy eating smoked salmon and raw fish, but somehow this one was just bad.  My snapper however, was very well cooked! I enjoyed it very thoroughly and liked the sauce that went with it .. 🙂

One redeeming quality however, was the service was very good. The crew was very attentive in clearing our plates and refilling our water. 🙂

So anytime you feel like slacking … feel free to swing by here!

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar
No.10 Winstedt Road
Block E, #01-17







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