Kungfu Paradise

Met up with milkie and darkie for a catch up session ­čÖé

and we had a quick bite before heading off to cheaper┬ákaraoke┬á­čÖé (haven’t done it in a long while!) ┬ádouble smiles ­čÖé

So being in ulu sembawang (what are the odds of really driving all the way there, unless you stay there), I thought we give this place a shot .. since its supposedly part of the taste paradise group .. reckoned it should be not bad ..

quick look of the interior

after looking at the menu, some of the things did look quite promising..  so we ordered

Baked Fish and chicken Special Rice

and of course

French Toast

Close up

Verdict: 3/3 of us unanimously agree that we are not returning here.

On the one hand, its very encouraging to see that this restaurant hires mentally challenged people ­čÖé Well I think its quite a feat for that so *thumbs up! ┬áThis is very affordable student food. I reckoned if I was still a secondary school kid I would enjoy this place, and price is agreeable with my pocket definitely. However, our complaint is that, for the┬áFrench┬átoast, the oil being used to fry it tasted abit like re-used oil .. so it has that taste that sticks onto the bread.

The rice was just alright .. reminded me a little of this Hong Kong Cafe called A1 in Melbourne, but┬átaste wise┬áis a little much off for me ­čśŽ

so..  a no go for us!

Kungfu Paradise
604 Sembawang Road,
Sembawang Shopping Centre,