after a torturous run, We headed down to Basilico as suggested by my mentai monster brother for a good rewarding lunch.
Regent Hotel, seem to have hosted many famous and up to standard restaurants. Iggy’s formerly used to be from there before they moved to Hilton Hotel.

This is the first time I am eating an Italian cuisine Buffet style, and I must say I am very curious and didn’t really hold high hopes because buffet style of Italian food some how, seemed to just be an overflow of carbohydrates in different forms – pasta, pizza . They probably would stuff you with that to make their money’s worth. But after this dinning experience, I must say I am totally proven wrong, that Italian cuisine encompasses so much more than their staples!



I felt like a kid in a huge candy shop. The buffet variety is very extensive and very authentic Italian. You can probably get more than 5 dishes that you cannot find outside in Italian restaurants.  Just even simply down to the cheese selection, apart from those displayed on the buffet table in the main hall (the burra, my new-found favourite kind of cheese, to the different kinds of mozzarella cheeses available)  there is this ‘secret room’ nicely tucked away that offers even more different ranges of cheeses.

‘cheese room’

This “secret room’ also holds the sunday brunch special, which is the truffle mushroom risotto ! Dont’ miss it!!

Truffle Mushroom Risotto

So in the  order of my favourites that my family and I think are the must-eats of this buffet :

From the mains:

From the grill side,

Pulled Pork Shoulder

This pulled pork resembles our chinese form of “siu yok” ( Roasted Pork Belly). But, the difference is that, The shoulder part is slightly leaner, and it is so tender that it can be easily pulled apart by a fork! The whole meat just melts into your mouth. Just pure piggy awesomeness!

Foie Gras

This is one of the top favourite around the table,  because of its size? I think the size is not to thick and big – that after working through it at times can get make one feel too overwhelmed by it. Additionally, this Foie Gras is cooked very well – crispy on the outside and soft and ‘meltish’ in the inside. The vinegarette based sauce compliments the’ fattiness’ of the Foie Gras very well.  Can you imagine a free flow of this?? One can just roll around and die on the spot in foie gras heaven!

From the pizza station,

Focaccia with mascarpone cheese and truffle

This is one of my favourite of all the pizzas available. I thought this was very unique although conceptually is just a normal Focaccia with cheese, the bread was not too thick like those outside, and not too over baked such that the whole bread becomes very hard? To see the cheese oozing out like a lava cake just pure awesomeness in its own form!

From the deserts counter:

Pistachio Panna Cotta

This was one of my favourite dessert and I thought something different from the normal kind of panna cottas. It was creamy and the serving portion was just right! 🙂

Espresso ‘slushie’

This was another of my favourite! the ‘slushie’ texture .. well I won’t exactly describe it totally like a slushie.. maybe  in between a slushie and a milkshake, except that its espresso flavoured – totally awesome! 🙂 Never had this before but just for all the coffee lovers out there, even my mentai monster that usually takes his coffee Americano style (black coffee) also seconded my opinion 🙂

Verdict: 4/4 of us are returning here definitely for an Italian fix.  We will definitely return with our favourite member of the family!
I forgot to take pictures of some of the other food there in the buffet, but do try to go for
from the appetizers: Cold King Crab Leg, Parma Ham with Cantaloupe Rock Melon),  for the salad lovers, they have a special truffle dressing
From the casserole station: I think the only agreeable thing for us was the meatballs .. nothing else quite gave the “oh my goodness this is really good!”
From the grill : the wagyu beef is not bad, but abit too rare for my liking. The Lamb was ok according to the mentai monster. My mum and I liked the sautéed mushrooms 🙂
From the Pizza Station: The squid Ink Pizza was quite well liked by my mum ( because she doesn’t like cheese)
From the Hidden Room:  The aged cheeses favourite with my dad, he likes the sharpness, as well as the Squid Ink Bread! Do try it for something different 🙂

P.s. Do remember to make a reservation before going! Its pretty crowded and we didn’t get a space until 1/2 hour later!
1 Cuscaden Road,
Level 2 
The Regent Hotel