Sirotan Cupcakes

We were all planning a surprise .. well a mini surprise for our September babies ..
and since they were so into this plushie called sirotan , a very Kawaii Japanese seal that disguises itself in multiple things, from food like strawberry, to an insect such as a bumble bee.

That being said, troopie alicia suggested we try something different this year and opted to have sirotan themed cupcakes ( the cake version of sirotan looked abit squashed from the picture) ..
We also each ‘pot-lucked’ a dish (reliving good ole Melbourne ‘poor international student aka maid’ days) ..

All the food from us

Trooper Serene’s Chicken Wings

Troopie Alicia’s re-invented spam musubi

Troopie sanne’s assistant cold Caesar Salad

Troopie sanne’s assistant Mushroom Soup

My Duck San Choy Pau


There were many much more food on the table. I was helping troopie wennie with her chawamushi( steamed egg) dish but i totally wrecked it 😦  .. and I think our favourite was the spicy salmon that troopie alicia had made! If you spot on the  first picture, the dish that looks like its white and covered in mayonnaise – was totally walloped by all of us!

After this awesome home cooked meal,

OOOO whos hiding in the box?

Happy Birthday from all of us ❤



For the above savoury meal, should you see any dishes and require the recipe, please feel free to pm/e-mail me.

We ordered sirotan cupcakes, topped off with plain vanilla cream and with a salted caramel filling inside. We ordered from this facebook website called Bake’n’ Bits. She was a very nice and patient lady in trying to advice us and accommodating to our taste preferences.  Overall, the cupcake was pretty moist, and I quite like the caramel filling – not too overpowering. I am not a cream person so the cream was abit too much for me.. But I guess to shape the seal, we do need a considerable amount of cream in it. .. But it looked too cute to be eaten!!! (mine committed suicide halfway when I was trying to take a bite)