Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen

It takes one bowl of bad ramen to keep you off ramen forever, but a few good bowls to entice you to continue one’s love for ramen.

I stumbled upon this new ramen place that opened in Novena and decided to give it a chance..

View of inside


I went to this place during off-peak hours, and managed to snag a seat ( thankfully they are opened during off-peak hours) 🙂

After much deliberation, I chose the Shio Egg ramen ( Salt flavoured broth egg topping ramen) .. and what came surprised me

Egg Ramen

Close up of Char Siew


Verdict: I am so coming back here! I thought they mistook my order because I didn’t expect my bowl to be filled with 3 half eggs! and these eggs were those kind that are marinated in broth and sauce – so they are not the bland kind. The char siew was also very nicely done. This kind of cut of char siew is very meaty and yet they didn’t over cook it so it came quite tender. Although I think what would have topped off the experience is if they char grilled the charsiew or blow torched the fella.

The broth was a little blend for me… but the toppings and gyoza( i ate it up too fast) totally made up for it ..

Next time I am returning to try this

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen
 10 Sinaran Drive,
 Square 2, Singapore



Founder Bah Kuet Teh

Met up with troopie Jans and Jean + Mr Kewl for some catch up session over bah kuet teh 🙂

Talk about hectic week!

the queue the founders is always long.  You know you are at Founders when …….. You see the walls plastered with celebrities pictures.
we ordered:

Bah Kuet Teh


Beancurd sheets

Salted vegetables

mee suah

Pig Trotters aka “te kah”

Verdict: 4/4 of us will return.

The peppery base of the pork rib soup was not too overwhelming with pepper, and was quite substantial a dish on itself.  The pork rib itself was quite tender( not due to tenderisers) and fell off the bone easily when pulled. Turns out this is both troopie Jean and Mr Kwel’s favourite bah kuet teh place. 🙂 And the best part, another eating place that opens till late!! 🙂

2 votes from troopie jean and me for the salted vegetable being one of our favourite dishes there.  It was not saltish enough for troopie Jan.

Founder Bah Kuet Teh
347 Balestier Road
(New Orchid Hotel)