Gaia Korean Restaurant

We spontaneously met up for lunch, and decided to satisfy some Korean cravings.  I visited this restaurant for dinner, as recommended by troopie kay’s Korean teacher, but forgot to blog about it :p . So we headed down to Gia, a restaurant nicely tucked in between the whole row of restaurants where kushinbo is ..

Sitting near the entrance

and to start off before our orders came:

Our assorted appetizers

and of course,

Kimchi Pancake to share

For troopie Alicia,

Sundubu set : Spicy Toufu stew & marinated chicken

For troopie mermaid:

Soybean Paste soup & marinated pork

and for myself,

Cold Noodles


Verdict: 3/3 of us will return! 🙂

I read on hungrygowhere about the reviews for this place. They seem to pride their signature dishes in cold handmade noodles.  This is the second time I am eating this style of cold Korean noodles, and I must say the portions are very generous. There are 2 sauces – one a sesame sauce and another is white vinegar, I didn’t really know how to eat this so I think my judgement of the dish will not be very accurate. However, it did have a refreshing feel to it. I like that there are some pear bits to make the dish have an extra ‘cool’ factor towards it. J

We shared the kimchi pancake. The pancake was slightly oily but it was just awesome. Filled with kimchi, not too spicy (if I had to rate the spiciness, it’s probably 3/5 chilli). Saltiness level is agreeable among all of us J

Troopie Mermaid had the Dwenjang Set (Soybean paste soup and marinated pork).  She said the soup was good and the pork was well-flavoured. It was also very tender,  and not too spicy.

Troopie Alicia had the Sundubu Set( Spicy Soft Tofu stew & marinated chicken). She enjoyed her set thoroughly and also mentioned how this lunch set meal is a good deal, although service was a little slow and inattentive :/

Gia Korean Restaurant
3 Temasek Boulevard,
Suntec City Mall,Singapore