After the fair, last-minute called on troopie beats for a ‘dinner mixed supper’ meal..
So I brought her to this place that I went the last round with my Melbies, ( I reckoned its the same place .. but not too sure)

We ordered to share:


niku jaga ( Beef stew with potato)




Ham Tempura


Home made squid fishcake

And of course to top off the whole place since its an isakaya( “drinking house” aka Japanese drinking spot), we each ordered:


Calpis Souchu


Apple Vinegar Souchu

Verdict: 2/2 of us will return! Am ever so glad troopie Beaties liked the place too! Loved the helpful servers that never failed to recommend good dishes according to what you want!
I think our favourites were the squid fish cake – it was very nicely done. You could tell it was hand-made because of the “unevenness” of the fish cake, as well as the texture of it, there were squid bits in it that further confirmed it tasted hand-made.
We also thoroughly enjoyed the gyoza – not too thick and stuck together. Filling was minced and not those frozen kinds.
As for the ham cutlet .. it was a little too plain.. would have been nicer if they sandwiched it between something or stuff some cheese inside as well? that would have been more “Oomph”

Our drinks were quite special. Both not to heavy and light to accompany our food with 🙂

5 Koek Road,
Cuppage Plaza
Singapore 228796

P.S. I am not too sure if this was the same restaurant at cavernagh road but moved over here..



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