Sun with Moon

Troopie mother and her friend wanted to go sing karaoke but we found out that the place had closed down :/ hahaha so we decided to go have a snack and chillax instead 🙂

So we walked towards wheelock since troopie mother was craving for Japanese desserts.. So we ordered to share:





And for myself because I was hungry


Verdict: 3/3 of us will return. Apart from the layered cake that was not as yummy as we thought it looked.. Looked nicer in the picture than it tasted.. :/ sesame beancurd was very wobbly and “QQ” 🙂 a favourite of troopie Melissa 🙂 the green tea parfait was delightful according to troopie mother 🙂
Was a nice catch up session 🙂

Sun and Moon
501 Orchard Road,
Wheelock Place,


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