Keisuke Tonkotsu King (Orchid Hotel)

Troopie beaties and I decided to go check out this ramen place ..
Its been on our “we should try it” list, and after a long while, here we are!!!!

The place is really small and crammed! So be prepared to queue at peak hours 😉


We sat at the counter near the ‘open kitchen’ and the best part about this place, there is free flow of eggs! Yes!



And this is how you place your order:


So then I ordered,


And troopie Beaties ordered:


Verdict: 2/2 of us don’t think we will be returning… For me, I felt that the broth was just abit too thick for liking.. And the after taste of it was just hmms.. Abit on the oily side, but char siew was nice :/