Food Trail : #1.2 Addictions Cafe

We wanted to go round the corner for coffee but it was closed that day 😦
So we headed down to Dempsey area as recommended by troopie mermaid for a nice rest and mini snack before dinner 🙂 Sad to say, this was the end of the trail .. how did it feel like we went to many places? hahaha maybe because of the driving .. hahaha .. but it ended with a nice bang 🙂

Entrance 🙂

So, we ordered:

Truffle Fries with rhubarb tomato sauce

Close up


Troopie Shu’s drink:

Melon and Mangosteen Tea



End Product 🙂


Troopie Mermaid ordered:

Yuzu Tea

Troopie Jas ordered:

Root Beer Bailey’s Float


I ordered:

Nutter Coffee-our : Peanut butter, Coffee milkshake


Verdict: 4/4 will return. The ambience is very nice and quiet – partly because we were there on a weekday and in the odd hours of the day… but other than that the al fresco setting is very laid back and comfortable .. it’s as if you are not in Singapore 🙂 The waiters were very attentive to our needs and service was very prompt. Truffle fries were awesome – would have called for a refill if we were not too over stuffed.
The Churros – I reckoned we enjoyed the chocolate sauce the least, but the raspberry and caramel sauce complimented it very well. The Churros were crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside 🙂 just the way we all liked it 🙂
The teas were fantastic as well .. My Peanut butter milkshake, was a little hmmss .. I didn’t really enjoy it much .. :/ Troopie Jas’s root beer float with baileys shot was uniquely nice 🙂 Would definitely like to return to try their mains 🙂

Addictions cafe
22 Dempsey Road