Bkk : # 4 .1 – one for the road

Our last meal in Bangkok before we head back to Singapore.. 😦
we were running all our last-minute food errands and headed to Central World , another shopping mall, before we decided to try  one of the restaurants there since it claimed to be :

So we decided why not? to round off our whole holiday and treat ourselves to a good meal 🙂

so we ordered: ( again kudos to troopie mother for helping me take pictures with her super duper cool high tech camera)  – dishes are presented in the order of preferences

Thai Ice Milk Tea

Seafood Tom Yum Soup

Black Olive fried rice

Fried Thai Seafood ‘kuey teow’

Softshell Crab Yellow Curry

Assiette Nara – Assorted Appetizers

Green Mango Salad

Otahs ‘souffle’

Verdict: 3.5 of us will return. Perhaps we didn’t really take to the modern fusion part of it .. Though I must say that I enjoyed the soft shell crab curry very much! no hassle of having to peel the crab, and the curry was not even spicy though ( or was my tongue already numb from the spicy kuey teow and tom yum soup) … The olive rice was really interesting! It looked plain but it had the fragrance of the shrimps and the crispy thing – no idea what that is but complimented the soft texture of the rice very nicely.  As usual, the tom yum soup was just spicy – the spiciness just kicks in after a while only .. totally creeps up on you when you are not expecting it. The spicy kuey teow is very much enjoyed by the people who love their spicy food – it was filled with peppercorns! on top of chillies! talk about spicy! This brought spiciness to a whole new level!!!  The otah ‘souffle’ however, was just abit too light for out liking ..  :/

now as we sadly mark our end of our escapade …..
Great memories and company 🙂 our first outing that almost all of us were around 🙂
We all Love BKK 🙂 Astala vista

Ratchadamri Rd.
Central World, 7th Floor