Bkk : #3.3

After another round of intense shopping and massage, we saved our stomachs for this cheap ‘thai style “hot pot/bbq” that we found round the corner of our hotel. I do apologise I have no idea where this place is because it was like a round the corner stumble upon place .. but to sum up, its super cheap! when converted back to SGD, we paid around $7 per person just for a buffet style of ‘bbq+ hotpot’ …

glance inside

where all the workers gather

The area is very spaced out .. and we saw alot of people that seemed to come here after their work .. so we thought we give it a shot 🙂

so this is what happens :

On every table, theres this :

Every table has this..


and a worker will come by and bring this and light up the whole thing. He will then pour the water until a certain level ..

then .. so we glanced around to see how the people cook their stuff and followed suit.. while waiting for the pot to heat up and all, some of us went to get some of the cooked food and meat

meat balls .. etc

assorted meat

cooked food


and so  …

cooking the meat


Verdict:  1.5/5 of us will return for the chin chow .. ahhaha the free flow dessert – the chin chow was chewy and sweet. Nice to cool off from this ‘bbq/steamboat’ .. we all thought this is like a Thai version of seoul garden .. but hey its cheap so can’t really complain much  :p Good experience nonetheless 🙂