Bkk: #3.1 Chachuchak Market

We headed down to Chachuchak Market to do some shopping .. 🙂
After a few intense hours of shopping, we went to the food side and get some food to fill our stomachs before heading off to the next destination for more intense shopping 🙂

So we just walked around and found this place. Imagine a shop front ( probably 300 sq feet +), and a makeshift kitchen that probably covers half the area, they can convert it into a small shop ‘restaurant’ only selling fried chicken. The smart part about it was that, they collaborate with other stalls, and have their ‘waiters’ walking up and down the row of stores selling their other specialities. So even if you end up sitting next door or a few doors down, you still can enjoy a variety of food that other stalls are selling 🙂

just a peek at the deco!

Inside Deco


So we ordered to share among us, arranged in the order of our preference:

Fried Chicken

Pad Thai

Spicy Squid Salad

Papaya Salad


Verdict: 5/5 agree that we will not order the fish cake again.. hahaha .. it was just abit too tough and wierd ..  The rest of the dishes .. I must say thai dishes, they don’t look that spicy but they end up very spicy! Like the Squid salad! Goodness.. the spiciness level is like die and go to spicy heaven .. thats the only level to describe it .. and its subtle .. ahhaha .. . I thought the pad thai was great 🙂 so was the chicken and the papaya salad 🙂 The sauce was very special and peanutty but spicy 🙂

Chatchuchak Market

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