Le meridian

We headed down to le meridian hotel for their dinner buffet.. And as part of the buffet, everyone gets A lobster per person done in 4 different styles :
Samabal, braised, cheese and superior stock. Since there was 4 of us, we picked alll but braised.


Lobster in Superior Broth


Cheese Lobster


Sambal Lobster

On top of that, we also have free flow of crab done in many styles: of which we chose :


Chili Crab


Salted Egg Yolk Crab


Black Pepper Crab


Butter Crab

And ok a picture of the buffet table:



And of course to end the night:


Verdict: 3/5 of us will only return for the sashimi.. I enjoyed the swordfish and salmon sashimi 🙂
The lobsters were just ok.. But the crab, among all, I think we enjoyed the salted egg yolk and the chilli crab the most! But ok not the best
The desserts were just mediocre.. But ok I guess that’s buffet style of things 🙂

Le Meridian Hotel
100 Orchard Road

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