We decided to head down and have a late lunch while studying.. So troopie plonks and I decided to try this out:

From the menu, it seems like udon seems to be the specialty! And the prices are .. Let’s just say super student friendly? Hahah

So I ordered:



And she ordered:



And to share between us:



Verdict: 0.5/2 of us will return. Ok to be fair, it’s really affordable and very student priced.. The curry udon was just sad though.. I had like beef bits? Literally… And the ‘kani’ sushi was like those mock crabmeat… :/ I guess maybe if we ordered the other things on the menu would have been better?


2 thoughts on “Kazoukutei

    • hahahah cos maybe we might come back for the omu rice~ hahaha it did look quite good! remember the opposite table ordered :p

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