Cafe Iguana

Its been such a long while since I met up with my Melbie troopies .. So we arranged to meet for some chillax and catch up time over a meal … and because we are greedy foodies – most of them caused by overworked, stressful working environments + they are quite foodies themselves, we went for many rounds .. hopping around just like how it was in melbourne 🙂

so our first stop was : Cafe Iguana.


what you see = what you get

aptly designed coaster

View from where we seated

Free Nachos

our round #1 and #2 begin here when half of us were waiting for the rest to arrive.
So we ordered while waiting:

Mango Margarita

Calamari with mole verd

After Troopie Mermaid joined us, so we headed for round #2 :

Mini Chimichangas – Fried flour Tortillas filled with Cheese, Sour Cream, Guacamole and Chicken


Nachos – Crispy, individual tortilla chips layered with lettuce,black beans, rice, roasted jalapeño chiles, sour cream, guacamole and melted cheese

and finally when all the other troopies arrived, we ordered to round off this stop and before heading to the next :

Sopapilla : Deep-fried house-made flour tortilla drizzled with honey sprinkled with cinnamon and Vanilla Ice- Cream


Green Apple Enchiladas: Flour tortillas filled with apples raisins and mascarpone cheese, Served with apple cream sauce and vanilla Ice-Cream


Verdict: 6/6 of us will gladly return! This new hunt was found by my foodie melbies and the experience was just awesome – largely also because of the catching up. We particularly enjoyed the Nachos ( We had been ‘duped’ into ordering the smaller nachos because the way that the waiter described the big one was just  …  -_- ) – there was no meat, but the sauces and rice inside to accompany the nachos was just complimented it very well. From my experience of nachos I always thought it had to have some meat inside to taste nice .. but this just changed my perspective of Nachos. 🙂
The Chimichangas were also awesome! The tortillas were crispy and not ‘softened’ by the sauces. We chose the chicken filling ones and the chicken meat was not too tough.
The Calamari was just different from the normal calamari, as evidently from the picture, the ‘dipping’ sauce is different from the usual tartar or the tomato based sauce found in many restaurants.

The deserts however, I think we all preferred the Apple Enchiladas instead of the Sopapilla because of the filling. The Sopapila I think would have been nice if we didn’t also order the Apple Enchiladas. The Apple Enchiladas tasted like a moist apple pie with a twist – the ‘pastry’ was softer than the usual baked or puff pastry kind of crust. Both went well with the Vanilla Ice-cream nonetheless.

Café Iguana Riverside Point
30 Merchant Road
#01-03 Riverside Point
Singapore 058282

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