Canton i

So in return, troopie Beats brought me to one of her places that she goes for congee!
To me initially, this is a place that is so nicely tucked in the corner, you won’t really pay attention to go ..
So we went  …. 🙂


and we ordered:

Crispy White Baits

Crabmeat and Broccoli

Stuffed You tiao

and of course, not forgetting what she came for:

Meat Ball and Fish Slices Congee

Fried Beef Hor Fun


Verdict: 2/2 of us will go back! I think we really liked the stuffed you tiao dish. It was not oily, but crispy, not overstuffed and executed well I thought. The crabmeat and broccoli was just.. hmm mediocre but I don’t think I will order it again. The porridge however, was really quite good. The fish slices didn’t have any fish smell and tasted quite sweet! like seafood kind of sweet in its own ways! and the meatball servings were quite generous! The Beef Noodles were a little dry and abit too oily for my liking .. I don’t really like how they put tenderizer inside the beef and make it taste like .. ‘artificial beef’ .. But there is a chao- ta(burnt wok) taste to it .. so the fire was controlled quite well in the execution of this dish. One of the favourite was also the white baits. The seasoning and the way its fried was just very different from those I have eaten before. There is seasoning that gave it a little kick – it felt as if I was eating the Taiwanese chicken chop chilli’s seasoning, but in a nicer and more spread out way.

 2 Orchard Turn,
ION Orchard

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