Kaiho Sushi re-visited

I dragged troopie beaties to Kaiho Sushi to let her try what I was raving about since my last visit there!

So we ordered:

Grape Sangria :/

This came a little different from what I expected .. But ok its not too bad 🙂

So troopie beaties decided to try this since she loves her tempura prawns much:

Ebi( Prawn) Tempura Spicy Aburi Sushi


we ordered to share between us:

Baked Scallop Mentai Yaki

comments: I wished this dish was just a little more creamier? It got creamier towards the center and the mushrooms did compliment it quite well to some extent. But I don’t think I will order this again .. Appreciate the effort and time that went into the making of this dish nonetheless.

and of course, what I also came for:

Spicy Salmon Aburi Sushi

and of course, what we came for:

Spicy Soft Shell Crab Aburi Roll


Verdict: 2/2 of us are coming back here for a sushi fix!!!! 😀 Super glad she enjoyed this place as much as I do! (I must start a new favourites folder and include this place in!)

Kaiho Sushi
5 Koek Road,
Cuppage Plaza, Singapore