So we headed off to akashi before preparing to go to Bangkok:)

So we ordered our usual:






Verdict: 2/2 of us will return! Mainly for the crab crouquette, the sushi, and the gyudon( beef slice rice)… The gyoza was a craving order but we were disappointed.. Taste wise was just .. Felt like frozen ones :/ .. But nonetheless, this is one of my favourite jap restaurants in Singapore 🙂


Went to the nearby dome and felt like having something sweet:)

I remember a friend telling me how awesome the apple crumble was, so decided to give it a try 🙂



Verdict: I would come back for this!! It’s different in that it’s crumble are quite soft? Not as ‘crunchy’ as the usual.. And maybe I say this more in a biased point of view but I like this hot and cold dessert combination 🙂 so thumbs up and no complaints my side 🙂



We decided to head down and have a late lunch while studying.. So troopie plonks and I decided to try this out:

From the menu, it seems like udon seems to be the specialty! And the prices are .. Let’s just say super student friendly? Hahah

So I ordered:



And she ordered:



And to share between us:



Verdict: 0.5/2 of us will return. Ok to be fair, it’s really affordable and very student priced.. The curry udon was just sad though.. I had like beef bits? Literally… And the ‘kani’ sushi was like those mock crabmeat… :/ I guess maybe if we ordered the other things on the menu would have been better?


Pu Tien

We headed down to this place- a favourite dinning place my parents frequent and enjoy! I have blogged about visiting this place since my parents bought home for us to try their favourite dish! So they finally brought us along! Well me only 🙂


So we ordered:






Pork Belly with Garlic


Drunken Cockles


Braised Home made Beancurd


Iced Bitter Gourd


Braised Pig’s Intestine


PuTien Style Century Eggs


Deep Fried Tenggri Fish


Braised Squid


Shredded Meat Mantou



They even Provided gloves to stuff the mantou


3 types of eggs vegetable


Pu Tien Lor Mee


Stir Fried Yam


Pu Tien Style “Qiang Rou” Soup

Verdict: 6/6 of us will return! But do remember there are 2 branches! so go to the main branch!

My favourite dish was the Yam dish, as well as the stuffed mantous! The squid was a new dish and it was quite well done – not too overcooked and rubbery! Didn’t really like the lor mee much .. and the soup .. but also appetizers wise, I think the pork slices and the century eggs were nice .. the bitter gourd was also something different and refreshing .. 🙂

Pu Tien Restaurant 莆田菜馆 (Kitchener Road)
127 Kitchener Road,
Desker Road Conservation Area,

Pies and Coffee

So then thought I have a quick snack before I commence my study session:
Headed down to this place to check out :


and a peek inside:


So I decided to try something different:



Verdict: 0.5/1
I won’t order this again. Potato and laksa gravy somehow just doesn’t go together.. By the time I scooped to the bottom, the gravy has thickened? And the seafood taste is a little too strong and puts me off for my liking… The ambience here however is very nice for a chillax and relaxing hangout. Maybe I should have just stuck to their chicken pies instead

Pies & Coffee
33 Rochester Drive,
Rochester Mall,

La Nona

So then we headed down to holland V after another studying session for dinner 🙂



Was craving mushroom risotto so we ordered to share:





Tomato Cream Crab Linguine


Close up


Porcini Mushroom Risotto


Close up


Verdict:2/2 of us will return! Well the mushroom risotto was a disappointment for me… I wished they had more mushroom stock inside it! It was too buttery for my liking… The crabmeat linguine was nicer though:) nicely balanced between tomato and cream sauce 🙂 the sauce for the calamari was also nice 🙂


Plain vanilla – revisited

I returned to plain vanilla bakery and fulfil my hazelnut cupcake craving.. Decided to buy back home some for he mentai monster since he mentioned he wanted a red velvet cupcake 🙂




Verdict: 1.5/2 of us will return. Mentai monster commented on the cream cheese on the cupcake – he liked it but thought the rest of the flavours were ok. He hated the cinnamon. I also didn’t really like it. I liked my hazelnut. Chocolate chip was too sweet for my liking. Salted caramel was awesome 🙂 but chocolate banana was disappointing.

Plain Vanilla Bakery 
34A Lor Mambong  
Holland Village,
Singapore 277691

Mini One [DONQ]

So I was walking around taka basement and chances upon this! The smell was too buttery and enticing! Just had to get it!!! Decided to buy back for my family!


You can smell it when you enter the basement





Verdict: 4/5 of us will return. My bro said it was just ok but after eating one that was baked on the spot, I thought it was quite good! Probably not as buttery but light and make a convenient snack nonetheless 🙂

Mini One [DONQ]
Takashimaya Food Hall #B2
391 Orchard Road 
Ngee Ann City

Peach Garden – revisited

We went back to peach garden… and ok .. kinda know what we were expecting..

So as per usual we ordered:


Crispy Whitebaits


Prawn Steam Rolls


Mango and Prawn Fritters


Fried Eggplant with Pork Floss


XO Sauce fried carrot cake


Har Gao


Fried Prawn Dumplings


Char Siew Pau


Roast Platter: Suckling pig, Roast Pork, Roast Duck


Wasabi Mayo Prawns


3 types of eggs spinach


Seafood Hor Fun



Verdict: 6.5/7 of us will not return. Well, for sure dim sum was just ok.. The wasabi mayo prawns and the pork floss eggplants were awesome! Hmm the rest was just alright.. nothing special .  … the hor fun (noodles) did not have much wok charred taste to it .. the claypot rice was not bad ..

Peach Garden
273 Thomson Rd  
Novena Gardens #01-06

Osteria Mozza

We headed down here to celebrate my brother’s graduation + birthday as well as a farewell for my lil sister that shes back to being an international student ( aka trained maid)

its quite nice to have the whole family dressed up for an occasion .. and sit down and have a nice dinner .. 🙂


We were quite excited to try out this place! after all we hear so much about these top culinary chefs that come to Singapore and set up their restaurants.. So we decided to head down and try it out .. we also didn’t find much reviews for this place so was quite excited to try it out ..


So to start off our dinner, we ordered to share amongst us appetisers:

Grilled Octopus with potatoes, celery & lemon

Close up of the Octopus

Butter Lettuces with hazelnuts, bacon, gorgonzola dolce & egg

Grilled Bone Marrow

Burrata with grilled asparagus, guanciale, brown butter & almonds

Then following that, we ordered 2 pastas to share as well:

Porcini mushroom


Close up

And following that, we ordered some mains to share:

Rabbit con salsiccia, roasted garlic, lemon & rosemary

Grilled Whole snapper with herbs & extra virgin olive oil

Grilled Wagyu Beef Tagliata with rucola & Parmigiano Reggiano

Duck al Mattone with pear mostarda & corn

pear mostarda & corn

and of course, some side dishes to accompany :

Grilled japanese eggplant with mint & yogurt

Verdict : 4.5/5 of us will return only for the appetizer! our favourite is the asparagus with burra cheese. I thought the dish was very nicely co-ordinated. The salad was also not too saltish, and the butternut was very crisp and seasoned well. The octopus was a little slightly over grilled- hence it was pretty tough and rubbery .. and was not as spectacular as we thought it would be.   The bone marrow was presented in a very neat way, and tasted as good as it looked! rich in flavour and very well accompanied with their homemade sour dough bread 🙂

The pasta of the two, I think we all prefered the creamy porcine mushroom one. I liked how the texture of the pasta was just slightly more undercooked, as well overall as a dish its very light and not too heavy. The other pasta on the other hand, was a little too saltish from the cured ham, but the spiciness of the sauce gave it a nice kick to the dish.

The mains: I thought all was alright .. The duck was well cooked, but we were told before ordering that the skin would be crispy, but it did not turn out to be as such. We sent the dish back to the kitchen and the chef sent it back out to us saying that its the way it is.. So I guess thats it .. but nonetheless i like the sauces that accompany it.  The Rabbit – bravely eaten by my siblings – they complained that the marinate had drowned out the texture of the rabbit meat. One of the meat however, was over cooked and tough. The Snapper was nicely cooked but overstuffed with mint leaves .. so made it a little … minty .. ahahha …

The sides: the grilled eggplant was awesome – even my brother that does not usually eat eggplants gobbled it down. we didn’t really take tot the other vegetable very well ..

Good dinner nonetheless :/

Osteria Mozza
2 Bayfront Avenue  #B1-42/46
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands,
Singapore 018972