Contemporary Melting Pot & Bar

The siblings and I decided to go have a pre-lunch snack ( and I was starving) … so since we were around dempsey, we decided to just walk into one of the bistro and try it out… so we walked into

Inside of the cafe

Looking around


So we ordered .. well we just wanted something light and a pre lunch greedy snack .. so we got:

Nuggets and Truffle Fries

Mussels with White Wine


Verdict: Hmms.. 2/3 of us will return . Nuggets were alright but i just wished they had other sauces to accompany it .. like to make it special. We ordered that because they also claimed its truffle fries, so we could have the best of both worlds. But unfortunately, there is not much truffle in the fries. The Mussels sauce was -_- .. just bland and unfortunate. Perhaps the mains would be much better. The service and environment, nonetheless, was quite nice and chillax 🙂

Contemporary Melting Pot & Bar
7 Dempsey Rd  Singapore 249671
6475 0105

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