Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

My lil sister is back for her holidays! So my brother booked for her to try Imperial Super Peking Duck for dim sum ( we are such good siblings, whenever we go there for dim sum lunches/ dinners, we would devotedly whatsapp her pictures of what we are having ­čÖé are we good siblings or what!!! *cheeky grin)

so, together with our favorite uncle P and auntie M, they did the ordering and we ‘monstrously’ ordered:

honey-ed bacon wrapped with yam

Century Egg Porridge

teochew dumplings

Fried Toufu – with mushrooms and minced prawn

Prawn Paste with beancurd skin

Chicken Feet

Steamed Pork ribs

Yam Puffs (wu kok)

Pan Fried Carrot Cakes

Steamed Prawn rolls

Char Siew Pau

Steamed Char Siew Rice Rolls

Har Gao

Char Siew Sau

and of course, Super Imperial cannot be complete without its: Peking Duck!

Duck Breast + Condiments

Skin to be dipped in Sugar!

With the hand made skin

and with the remaining duck – because we were so stuffed with food, so we tried a new style of cooking it :

Stir Fried duck in Salt and Pepper with Chinese wine

3 types of Eggs Spinach

Close up

and of course .. to top off .. dessert!

Ma Lai Gao

Thousand Layered Cake

and of course for the lil rolly pollie :

Liu Sha Bao

Close up of the liu sha bao

Verdict: 7/7 of us will return! this place satisfies all the fussy eaters around!  Super liked!
Uploading all these pictures I think will scare people off by the portions that we eat. ┬áBut i think the few favourites were, ┬áthe honeyed bacon wrapped in yam, the yam puff ( my mum and non-yam eating siblings complimented on it being moist in the inside and not too dry after being fried, the beancurd ( minus the minced prawn for me), the steamed pork ribs -superb ­čÖé and of course, the most favourite and best seller char siew sau! that was like super well liked by all of us all!
The disappointments were the har gao ( according to my prawn testers, it has “a wierd thing inside” because it was all minced prawn, the carrot cake was not pan fried crispy enough, and quite disappointing .. as well as the new way that the duck was fried. When it came, there was a strong wine smell , but i guess this method does not really go with duck since it made the meat abit tough. Although the men on the table agreed that it would go very well with beer and wine instead. The liu sha bao – we still reckoned and think east ocean has the best liu sha bao in singapore.

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant
290 Orchard Road,
The Paragon