did you turn black choco panda?? :(

I was just rummaging through my fridge and I found this :

will the real panda please stand up?

I just love the expressions of these pandas 🙂

happiness is : to be a panda




and of all .. I think my most favourite at the moment 🙂


Verdict: I think the bite says it all? 🙂 hmm but comparing this with the previous flavours that I have tried, I think if I had to rank .. I would rank the white chocolate first, followed by this , then the strawberry! 🙂 Could never get enough of this! they are so cute! and taste nice inside the stomach 🙂

Nan Xiang

I felt like I needed something substantial to start the day, so I dragged trooper Phillie to accompany me to eat some xlbs since that seemed to be one of the nicer things around.


And we saw an old man peering closely to the decorated boxes of

steam thingies decoration

so then we ordered:

3 types of egg with bak choy

Egg White with Crab

and we found this on the menu. I must apologize i realized that we ate up all before i remembered taking a picture of it. But their xiao long baos have this flavor : SPICY crab roe flavour!!!! I however took a picture of the soup inside:

Spicy Crab Roe Soup

Verdict: 0.5/2 of us will return. Maybe. I think its unique they have the spicy xlb (xiao long bao).. No complaints about that one. I quite liked that dish. The egg white with crab on the other hand was just abit too plain (troopie mother eating it for the first time, didn’t enjoy that). Bak choy with 3 eggs a little different from the usual, instead of using spinach or the gou zi (wolfberry) leaves to accompany it.

Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant
200 Victoria Street  
#02-53 Bugis Junction,