QQ Rice

I just wanted something light to eat before my exams, but just something that might sustain me, but not end up too filling .. so i headed to my usual favourite QQ rice ball and ordered myself :

Smoked Duck Flavoured ‘onigiri’

Instructions as to how to roll it

while unwrapping

and my finished product is :


Close up!!

Verdict: I will definitely order this again! There are many other flavours to choose from, and I like how the portion is really just nice in the sense – not too much that it makes you stuffed, and not too little that you need to keep eating something else to fill the stomach. ( this is in the scenario that you are just not feeling hungry for the day.)

QQ Rice
10 Sinaran Drive,
 Novena Square 2


Thank you

Before I proceed, I must really thank this friend who has been actively following and commenting on my posts!

Lianne! please follow her yummilicious blog at: foodmadewithlove.wordpress.com

I must say reading her blog and following her instagram all the time makes me salivate at all the food that she either cooks (like a pro), bakes and dines

She kindly nominated ahballing here for versatile blogger & sunshine awards !
Just thought I have to make this big shout out “THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” ❤

Its quite an encouragement to continue food blogging as a hobby and a huge boost 🙂
Thank you millions 🙂