Lao huo soup

I grew up in a family that emphasises a lot about soup. Without fail our mother will be devoted to boiling the best soup, and over the years think of ways to improve the way she cooks her soup – from cooking methods, utensils to the ingredients that goes into that pot of goodness.

After working in Hong Kong for a while, I have come to appreciate ‘sweet soup’ – soup that is boiled with fruits such as pears or apples. So I was introduced to this place by my auntie K initially, and thought this was one of the closest that I could get to my Hong Kong experience:


So they have probably opened a few branches across Singapore, but I will always order the pear and apple soup


Verdict: according to my auntie K, from all the outlets she tried ( almost all from jurong to whampo), she mentioned that her jurong side tastes better and they are more generous with the pork ribs inside. Each outlet doesn’t have a fixed consistency in the thickness of the soup, so the reccomendation is that it’s better to go to the ones with higher people turnover rates! One plus factor They are generous with their servings and have offered free re-fills if you are really hungry for that day!
I bought this from the whampo outlet and I think the soup is abit watery, in comparison to the one at united square.

Lao huo tang老火汤

3 thoughts on “Lao huo soup

  1. Please do not eat from Boon Keng branch, standard is way below the authentic one at Chinatown. And the worst thing is the almost bald owner has a serious attitude problem. So if you are really looking for quality soup, go to Chinatown.

    • oh really? thanks for the tip! the united square outlet is also not too bad!
      I will go try the chinatown branch!
      Thank you very much for your comment! and dropping by this blog! 🙂

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