Miz Japanese Restaurant

ok.. in a rush again before I had my block classes – somehow rush and me go together quite well :/ – that is quite a heavy day .. so i decided to compensate myself and explored around to try something different.. and because I was craving for Spicy tuna sushi!!! yummers ..

So i stepped in this restaurant and try my luck .. ..


See sometimes you just don’t know how to weigh between trying a new restaurant and sticking back to what is familiar to you .. Was feeling quite ‘no pain no gain’ so I decided to try and might land myself pleasant surprise ..


so I ordered myself a spicy tuna roll thinking it will be like what i ate at kaiho .. so very lost in thought and was waiting in excitement .. but what came was :

Spicy Tuna Roll

and I also ordered

Soft Shell Crab handroll

Verdict: Maybe might return . I feel like I ordered the ‘wrong things’ but because I was in a rush, so I figured this might have been the fastest.
The tuna roll : My jaw dropped in the sense I felt like I got ‘slapped out of my imagination’ and ‘reality slapped’ (Don’t mean to exaggerate in my description)  .. Where is my aburi parts? where? why is it not what i imagined it to be???  but it was just ok ..

I think the softshell crab handroll on the other hand, is one of the best ones I have eaten in Singapore. The batter of the crab was nice and evenly coated, as well as, when it came, it was not like  .. in some places, the softshell crab handroll, because the crab is fried on the spot, sometimes it makes the seaweed that wraps it go soft from the condensation of heat from the roll? but this sushi chef cleverly used a roll of lettuce before placing the fried crab on the rice ; My seaweed did not go all soft and soggy. 🙂 Will come back for this! 🙂

Miz Japanese Restaurant
7 Craig Road