Snacks of Taiwan

I decided to check out this place near my class! Because the last time I went there, they were sold out of food! Around 4 pm! So I thought I had to try out this place!

I was deciding between the lu rou fan(卤肉饭) and the chicken chop noodles (鸡排面), and decided to just go ahead with the noodles instead!!


The uncle was very friendly in attending to me.. But because most of the things are sold out by the time I got there, so do be prepared to go there slightly earlier! He was pretty generous with his servings! I could choose which vegetables (ok although not much choices left since almost everything is gone)  I wanted my noodles to be accompanied with.

Verdict: I like the batter of the chicken chop. I think its not doused in too much flour, and its crispy as well. The seasoning is quite different from the usual fried chicken chop kind of snack, in a nice way. The noodles were not over done ( I like) and quite springy. I will be back to try the other taiwanese delicacies!

Snacks of Taiwan
89 Tanjong Pagar Road,